Sue Prutting & White Magnolia Designs 

I love this job.  That is all there is to it.  Who wouldn’t love being surrounded by beauty all day?  One of my favorite parts of this job is working with my clients. Helping them bring their vision for an event into focus and then translating it into real life.  

Living in the DC area has allowed me to be involved with so many exciting events including working with flowers at the most prestigious address in America.  Thanks to social media, I have met and worked with many of the greatest floral designers in the world.  Paris, NYC, Seattle, LA, Napa, Portland, Memphis, Philadelphia... (traveling for events is another big perk of this amazing job!!)

Whenever possible, using locally grown, seasonal flowers and supporting the farmers who grow them is another passion of mine.  Everyone wins - you get the freshest and most unusual flowers available, are helping to sustain the local good-guys and the environment is better for it.  

Hunting for joy, recognizing the gifts around me and finding beauty in everyday life is what I'm all about.  White Magnolia Designs is the perfect expression of that.  Join me on this amazing adventure and add a little beauty to your life!